Color Refresher

Re-Vibe Color Refresher
Revive the brilliance of your professional color right at home. This exclusive refresher formula is easy to use and actually conditions your hair as it restores vibrancy. Because they are non-alkaline and peroxide-free, Re-Vibe Color Refreshers are gentle enough for frequent use. The more often you use Re-Vibe, the more intense your color will become. Select Re-Vibe in the color that matches your highlights.
Blush Bond Cinnamon Chestnut Raging Red

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How to Use Re-Vibe

Dispense 1-inch ribbon at a time onto a fine-tooth comb and apply to dry hair while the hair had been highlighted previously. Leave on 3-5 minutes. For intense deposit leave product on longer or process under heat. Rinse and shampoo the hair. Re-Vibe color refreshers are formulated to be used as is. They can be intermixed but should never be mixed with Chroma-7 powders be cause their dyes are different from those of the powders.

How Re-Vibe Works

Re-Vibe Color Refreshers are designed to work best on pre-lightened dry hair but they can be applied also to normal hair for subtle highlights. Their dyes bind to the hair in a different manner from that of the Chroma-7 powders, and therefore they complement the action of Chroma-7 and increase color depth. They may be used to refresh not only Chroma-7 but any color and they are extremely mild to be used frequently on any hair type.