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Lights & Shades System Benefits

L’Avant Garde’s Lights & Shades System is designed to address the three basic steps of hair color, namely: Purifying the hair, highlighting it with color, and taking care of the color afterwards. The system incorporates two unique patented technologies for purifying the hair with Get Pure/Stay Pure clarifying products, as well as highlighting it throughout the entire color spectrum with Chroma-7 one-step lightening and coloring powders. Hair Highlights can now be achieved on dark hair in a single step of lightening and coloring in no more than 30 minutes. The condition of the highlighted hair is superior to that achieved through the traditional double process of bleaching first and coloring second. Benefits of this revolutionary line of products are listed below:

  • Up to seven levels of lift and deposit in 10 to 30 minutes, all in one step
  • Elimination of all problems associated with mineral buildup on the hair
  • The first 3-step professional color and care system that delivers superior results
  • Retail home color maintenance products enhance salon revenue and improve color longevity for the client
  • Patented formulas limit competition and ensure superior color intensity and hair condition, both in the salon and for clients at home.
  • New, higher lift platinum effects are possible even on tinted hair
  • Faster service time means increased business, more comfort for the client, and improved hair condition
  • Cost per application is less than the traditional double process
  • Easy selection of shades and predictable results