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Chroma-7 Features and Benefits

Chroma-7 Features and Benefits

Now achieve brilliant, never before seen off-scalp highlighting and coloring effects in one process. A true breakthrough in coloring. Chroma-7™ uses patented new SynchroTone™ Technology to lighten hair up to 7 levels and deposit color simultaneously in just 10 to 25 minutes. Unlike any other hair color system today, the shades you can create with Chroma-7 are virtually limitless. Cool blondes, raging reds, and your own custom color from our exclusive palette of primary colors. Take creativity to the next level, save time, and see the beauty of ‘living’ color on wonderfully conditioned hair. Also available in single application packs.




Chroma-7 Lightening & Coloring Powder
With Patented SynchroTone™ Technology

Intense, direct dye pigments color the hair during the lightening process in one quick, easy step.

Lift up to 7 levels

High lift blonding and toning effects are possible for all levels of dark hair

10-25 minute process

Faster service time means increased business, more comfort for your client, and improved hair condition.

15 intermixable shades

Allow you to create any color imaginable


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