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Poor Gray Coverage

Poor Gray Coverage

Problem: Poor Gray Coverage

Many believe that gray hair is more difficult to color than pigmented hair. To skilled hairdressers, gray coverage is not an issue unless there is a stubborn metallic build-up in the hair. Metals cause hair color to deposit mostly on the surface of the hair with little or no color penetration into the shaft. The color that remains on the surface of the hair is easily washed out. Since gray hair contains no base pigments, the applied hair color will quickly reflect the color loss.

The Solution: Get Pure and Stay Pure

Get Pure Clarifying Treatment and Stay Pure Clarifying Shampoo with their patented technology gently remove metal build from all hair types. By removing these metals, dye molecules are allowed more time to penetrate into the hair shaft, allowing for deeper color. With better hair color penetration, color wash out is also reduced.

For the professional: Get Pure Clarifying Treatment

For home user: Stay Pure Clarifying Shampoo