Lightening & Coloring Powder With Patented SynchroTone™ Technology

Chroma-7 Lightening & Coloring Powder With Patented SynchroTone™ Technology

Now achieve brilliant, never before seen off-scalp highlighting and coloring effects in one process. A true breakthrough in coloring. Chroma-7™ uses patented new SynchroTone™ Technology to lighten hair up to 7 levels and deposit color simultaneously in just 10 to 25 minutes. Take creativity to the next level, save time, and see the beauty of ‘living’ color on wonderfully conditioned hair.

Levels of Lift: Up to 7 Up to 7
Starting Level:
Level 4 or lighter 1 through 6
40 Volume 40 Volume

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How to Use Chroma-7

This product is for use by professionals only and is intended specifically for off-scalp highlighting effects.

For every leveled scoop (½ oz or 15 grams) of Chroma-7 Hair Lightening & Coloring Powder, add 1 oz (30 ml) of 40-volume developer for brightness and high lift or 20-volume developer for soft or subtle shades.

Mix very well in a plastic bowl with a brush to a creamy consistency and apply generously to dry or slightly damp hair using any off-scalp technique.

Cover hair with a vented plastic cap (not needed with foils) and process 10-25 minutes under dryer on medium heat. Darker, thicker hair may require longer processing time.

Never allow product to dry up. For bright colors, re-wetting foils with extra product after about 10 minutes of processing will enhance color vividness. Allow hair to cool. Rinse well and shampoo with Lights & Shades High Radiance shampoo for color-treated hair.

Features & Benefits

Intense, direct dye pigments color the hair during the lightening process in one quick, easy step.

High lift blonding and toning effects are possible for all levels of dark hair. New, higher lift platinum effects are possible even on tinted hair

Up to seven levels of lift and deposit in 10 to 30 minutes, all in one step. Faster service times mean increased business and more comfort for your client.

Retail home color maintenance products enhance salon revenue and improve color longevity for the client

Patented formulas limit competition and ensure superior color intensity and hair condition, both in the salon and for clients at home

Cost per application is less than the traditional double process