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L'Avant Garde is a forward thinking company deeply rooted in research and innovation. Its patented products are designed to provide professional hairdressers and their clients with effective tools to improve all aspects of salon chemical and non-chemical services with special emphasis on hair color, hair lightening and highlighting, permanent waving, specialty shampoos, conditioners, and color maintenance products. The company is dedicated to helping hair care professionals by providing them with solutions to several issues with chemical services such as poor grey coverage, color washout, color fading, uneven hair color, perm resistant hair, swimmers green hair, problems resulting from use of well water, and hair damage resulting from hair relaxers and UV radiation due to sun exposure. L'Avant Garde is also keen on making hairdressers' job easier and more profitable by providing them with time-saving tools which enable them to do one-step blonding and toning as well as one-step color highlighting in as little as 10 minutes. L'Avant Garde's products are fully guaranteed to meet or exceed all stated expectations.