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  • 1. Is Chroma-7 a permanent color?
    Yes and no. The color pigments are not permanent. Your color highlights (or lowlights) will gently soften over time and are ultimately removed by shampooing. The lifting process does permanently change the hair due to loss of melanin. To keep your color vibrant, use Lights & Shades RE-VIBE Color Refresher.
  • 2. Can I mix Chroma-7™ colors?
    Yes. Mix Chroma-7™ Coloring & Lifting Powders together within each color family, such as Blonds with Blonds, etc. The ultimate mixing potential is possible with the Primary Colors ‘Brights.’ These primary colors may be mixed with each other or with the Reds to create any color imaginable, but be careful when mixing Reds or Brights with Blonds because the intensity of the Reds and Brights will override the lighter Blonds. You may use the Blonds to dilute the Brights or the Reds.
  • 3. What should I look for while designing my own shades?
    It’s a good idea to keep a record of custom shades and the mixing proportions so that you can trace back your work. L’Avant Garde helps you with this by offering you the Design & Prescription Notepad, which enables you to keep clear records of the designed colors and the products you prescribe to your clients. The color chart gives you a head start by showing different combinations of colors. The Chroma-7™ technology encourages you to be creative and unique because with this technology, your brush can paint any canvas and the sky is the limit for your artistry.
  • 4. What is the ideal starting level of hair to use with Chroma-7™ shades?
    Different Chroma-7™ shades deliver different levels of lift. Refer to the level information on the shade chart for optimal shade selection.
  • 5. Which shade is recommended for classic highlighting effects?
    Pure Gold is a beautiful gold tone that has broad appeal and works with most hair colors. This color will deliver an even gold tone throughout the hair no matter how long the application technique takes to complete.
  • 6. What shade is best for subtle highlights on dark hair?
    Biscotti is ideal for use where natural brown tones are desired on black or dark brown hair without the brassy undertones that accompany lift on these hair types.
  • 7. Can Chroma-7 colors be mixed with other manufacturers’ colors?
    No. Lights & Shades uses proprietary dye pigments and the exclusive SynchroTone™ Technology for lifting and coloring hair. Other hair colors are not stable in this system and would interfere with the processing of Lights & Shades Chroma-7™.
  • 8. Why should I use GET PURE Clarifying Treatment before I color with Chroma-7 Colors?
    GET PURE is part of the exclusive 3-Step Lights & Shades Color & Care System. It ensures that the proprietary dye pigments are fully absorbed into the hair and that the SynchroTone™ Technology is optimally effective with no interference from metallic contamination or any kind of buildup. This patented chelating formula is so efficient you will want to use it before other chemical services and on lifeless, unmanageable hair.
  • 9. Do I have to use Chroma-7™ Pure Cream Developer?
    Yes. This developer was formulated to energize the proprietary dye pigments in Chroma-7™ and is an important part of the SynchroTone™ Technology for optimal results.
  • 10. Will the RE-VIBE Color Refresher change the hair color and is it permanent?
    RE-VIBE Color Refreshers are offered in the exact same shades as Chroma-7™ Colors. If your client uses the same Re-Vibe refresher shade as the Chroma-7 color used in the professional service, the color will only intensify and have more vividness. RE-VIBE Color Refreshers are peroxide-free and are not permanent.
  • 11. Will Stay Pure Clarifying Shampoo strip my color?
    This unique formula will not strip color but will restore its brightness and clarity. This is because it removes all dulling residue from the hair in a gentle but very effective way.